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Save your Business Money with ViOP Technology

Do you want more options and serious savings from your business phone? Voice Over Internet Protocol technology will put your phone calls over the Internet, giving it digital performance, lots of advanced features as well as all the capabilities of a regular phone. It operates like a regular phone, but accesses the lines through the [...]

Quality DSL Comes Down to Interconnectedness and Tech Support

You can judge a Los Angeles DSL company on three things: the interconnectedness of their DSL pathways, the amount of bandwidth they are able to provide during peak times, and the quality of their tech support.
Most DSL providers are over subscribed. Many don’t even have their own network and are only selling some other company’s [...]

Enter the Digital Telephony Revolution: Put your Phone System On-Line

A sip trunk connects a company’s PBX telephone system to the Internet using the Session Information Protocol VOIP standard. With a sip trunk, you enjoy all the benefits of a normal phone system on a digital system, but with optimal quality for a very reduced rate.
A Los Angeles sip trunk makes that connection easier, allowing [...]