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Los Angeles (LA) broadband

When it comes to Los Angeles (LA) broadband, not all internet service providers (ISPs) are created equal. Many companies calling themselves ISPs do not even administer the products they sell because they do not have their own broadband infrastructure. Before they buy a T1 or T3, businesses should do some precautionary investigation that will keep [...]

Wimax Technologies Revolutionize Internet Accessibility

Wimax can provide that “last mile” between the ISP and the customer, and serves as an alternative to DSL or cable. Wireless doesn’t suffer from the degradation of the wireline infrastructure, making it more reliable of a service than a traditional landline.
An alternative connection technology to traditional wireline service like T1 and DSL, Wimax offers [...]

Life can be Simpler with a Los Angeles Hosted PBX

With a hosted PBX (private branch exchange), a company can set up its own inter-network of phones, sometimes even between office buildings that could be located on the opposite ends of the country. This enables the company to have a single phone number, even if the company is scattered across a wide geographical region. It’s [...]

Enjoy the Good Life with a Direct Internet Connection

With snow-topped mountains, lush sandy beaches, sunny warm weather all year round, it’s easy to see why so many people make California their home, making it the tenth largest economy in the world, boasting a GDP that rivals France.
The catch is that adds up to a lot of Internet users during peak times in the [...]

Maximize Performance and Minimize your Costs by Collocating Your Servers

When it comes to a stable core Internet network, there’s strength in numbers.
Companies can save time and cut costs by sharing data facilities, storing their most vital data processing systems and mission critical systems on a stable core network built around high performance routers and switches. A strong Los Angeles collocation is interconnected across a [...]

With ISPs, Service Counts, so Make it Personal

High speed is relative. You may have an Internet connection that’s faster than Superman at midnight, but sluggish than a snail during prime time when you are checking your email or downloading the latest blockbuster.
It’s frustrating. An Internet company might promise you all the bandwidth in the world, but then doesn’t explain that you’ll have [...]