Quality DSL Comes Down to Interconnectedness and Tech Support

You can judge a Los Angeles DSL company on three things: the interconnectedness of their DSL pathways, the amount of bandwidth they are able to provide during peak times, and the quality of their tech support.

Most DSL providers are over subscribed. Many don’t even have their own network and are only selling some other company’s service, which is often overloaded as well. They may promise high bandwidth, but that’s only during the hours when nobody’s on-line. At peak times, their flow is so slow you’d sometimes swear it’s dial-up.

The key is having a Los Angeles DSL provider who reserves a large amount of reserve bandwidth to fall back on during high usage times. This bandwidth needs to be provided over multiple pathways interwoven together like a system of complex paths, providing alternative routes when traffic is peaked. When you have a system that has room to grow, you’ll bump elbows less with other users and enjoy a freer flow of traffic.

You can guarantee that at some time, you’re going to need tech support. When your connection has problems, either because of a computer virus or an overloaded system, you need to be able to count on qualified personnel on the scene who know you and your system personally.

A high level of tech support is crucial to keeping the lines trouble free. When problems occur, you want them solved efficiently and effectively. You need an experienced technician well versed in handling these difficulties, someone seasoned to diagnose break-downs like a doctor treats a common cold or a mechanic pinpoints an automotive problem. There’s nothing worse than unqualified tech support that not proficient at handling the Internet’s most prevalent problems.

Not all DSL providers are alike. They vary in speed and efficiency. More often than not, their quality comes down to the interconnectedness of their system and whether it’s been designed for maximum flow made adaptable with alternate paths. While this will minimize your need for tech support, it’s important that the ISP have qualified help on hand to deal with problems as efficiently as possible.

Get a system that’s fast, but make sure that it’s backed and supported through experienced personnel.

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