Maximize Performance and Minimize your Costs by Collocating Your Servers

When it comes to a stable core Internet network, there’s strength in numbers.

Companies can save time and cut costs by sharing data facilities, storing their most vital data processing systems and mission critical systems on a stable core network built around high performance routers and switches. A strong Los Angeles collocation is interconnected across a fully-switched gigabit backbone, connected to peer providers over direct fiber connections for stable data security.

Your entire system relies on the core network, as does your business, production, and, when it’s all said and done, your essential profit. You need your Los Angeles collocation to be accessible at all times. Uptimes should be measured in years, not days. Dependability is essential. Indeed, accessibility is your lifeline to the entire world.

A collocation should be established over direct fiber connections through a number of interlocking paths to ensure high speed and performance for every access point, especially during the busiest times. The entire system needs to be interwoven among multiple redundant backbone carriers to guarantee its security.

Speed in accessing your collocation is essential as well, not only to you, but to the convenience of your users. Beware of multiple hops. The collocations of many Internet companies can sometimes include as many as 6 or 10 hops, making the information a hassle to access. Read the fine print, as the number of hops your collocation provider offers is important. Optimally networked, some collocation providers make accessibility easy by having as little as a single hop, giving you and your users the greatest speed, the most efficiency, and the least latency. Since your whole network is dependent on your collocation, having a single hop to your network simply makes the most business sense.

Speed is essential, as is dependability. By switching to a collocation that’s tied into a strong core network interwoven reliably through a variety of paths, you increase your site’s performance on-line. A strong network saves time, not only your own, but your visitors as well. Make the most out of your business and theirs by tying into a solid core network that’s accessible through a single hop.

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