Enjoy the Good Life with a Direct Internet Connection

With snow-topped mountains, lush sandy beaches, sunny warm weather all year round, it’s easy to see why so many people make California their home, making it the tenth largest economy in the world, boasting a GDP that rivals France.

The catch is that adds up to a lot of Internet users during peak times in the business day. That explains why so many Los Angeles broadband providers seem to suffer virtual traffic jams on the Internet, especially during the busiest times of the workday.

The irony is the Internet is usually the slowest when you need it the most. Down time equates to lost production, lost business, lost profit in the workday. The Internet is your essential connection to the outside world, your lifeline to the global community. The more sluggish your Internet traffic is, the slower your business performs, having a direct effect on output and profit.

When you’re looking into Los Angeles broadband, you need an ISP to provide an Internet connection with as few hops as possible. Sadly, many Internet companies will have as many as 6 or 10 hops before you are connected, with your bandwidth becoming slower and slower at each intersection. More hops also mean more problems, latencies, more disruptions that cut into performance.

Most Internet companies promise a certain amount of bandwidth, only to clog that connection with too many users, slowing the flow to a trickle. Reading the fine print, you’ll find that ISPs may promise powerful speeds, but usually they are assuming most of their subscribers won’t be on-line as the same time. The trouble happens during peak times when usage is at its highest and Internet traffic jams inevitably occur, slowing speeds to a standstill.

What you need is a network that promises high bandwidth over multiple diverse paths, one that provides dedicated interconnections that are also cross connected with public and private peering arrangements. This ensures the greatest speed and reliability, as the bandwidth flow has multiple paths to reach you when pipelines become clogged.

Choose an ISP that enables your company to enjoy the full speed of the Internet highway throughout the business day. Your business will not only be more productive. It will be more profitable. Life may be good in California, but with so much Internet traffic, you need your own lane. Get a direct connection and enjoy the speed of the open road.

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