Life can be Simpler with a Los Angeles Hosted PBX

With a hosted PBX (private branch exchange), a company can set up its own inter-network of phones, sometimes even between office buildings that could be located on the opposite ends of the country. This enables the company to have a single phone number, even if the company is scattered across a wide geographical region. It’s an essential part of any professional company large enough to need more than one secretary.

Hiring an outside company to host your PBX eliminates the need to buy or install PBX equipment, do any on-site installation or ever need to have on-site maintenance performed on the system. It also enables the entire system to incorporate a variety of phone lines, including POTS, cellular phones, and VOIP. This also allows an extension to ring in multiple locations, making sure that someone gets the call even when you’ve stepped away from your desk.

With a Los Angeles hosted PBX, calls can be intermittently transferred from your office line to your cellular or home phone without the client even knowing it. If you are waiting on an important call, you can enjoy complete freedom of mobility and be there as soon as the call comes in, just as if you had spent all day stuck in the office.

With a hosted PBX, you can save money by switching your company’s phone system to VOIP, saving significantly on your phone bill as your service is then routed to the Internet. The web provides features and flexibility not possible with standard POTS/telephone service. All on-net calls are free, and calls anywhere in the US are on 3 ½ cents a minute.

A hosted PBX also allows you to combine multiple offices on the same phone system, even if they are on the other side of the country. This will save considerably in long distance calls between the offices, even when located in totally different geographical regions.

Make life easy on yourself. Host your PBX with an outside company, eliminating the need for equipment and on-site maintenance while making the most of your digital options. Not only you are you likely to reap significant savings on your phone bill, but your phone service will never be a headache again as its completely managed by an outside company. Why make more work than you need to?

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