Get Your Own Road With a T1 or T3 Broadband Connection

When you’re stuck in Los Angeles traffic in the middle of rush hour, you have to wonder, what good is having all this highway when you’re stalled to a crawl?

When it comes to wireless broadband, Los Angeles has all the options. But when it’s Internet highways get clogged with congestion, traffic slows to a standstill. Businesses suffer employee downtime waiting for slow connections as uploads and downloads only serve to clog the system more. It becomes increasingly frustrating as the work day gets continually wasted because of slow connections, especially during peak times when business is most demanding.

What if you could have your own lane on the highway? With a T1 or a T3 connection to a core router, you get a direct line of access to your Internet provider that you don’t have to share with anyone else. You get your own road, your own open highway, enjoying full speed with the utmost power, even in the middle of rush hour.

Maintaining high bandwidth makes the most of the business day. With a true T1 or T3 connection, one that’s its own direct line to a core router and not merely connected to an overly congested POP, your business enjoys its own personal line of communication, a complete singular connection for full-on power, especially in peak business times when you need it the most.

How integrated is your ISP’s network? Is its power overly taxed by serving too many connections? Most ISPs oversubscribe their bandwidth, sapping its speed by providing to too many users until it becomes deluded. The secret to high Internet speed is finding a provider that provides multiple routes to multiple access points, guaranteeing a direct, powerful connection every time you go on-line, even at peak times. A T1 or T3 network is only as good as the network it’s connected to. Many are just connected to congested POPs. Those that have direct connection to a core network enjoy their own lane of Internet traffic.

The Internet is a busy highway where the speed is only limited by the traffic flow. The faster your connection is, the speedier your business will be, boosted to its fullest potential with the best in digital broadband technology.

Get yourself an open road, your own direct line to your ISP through a T1 or T3 line. Why bump bumpers against too much Internet traffic?

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