Wimax Technologies Revolutionize Internet Accessibility

Wimax can provide that “last mile” between the ISP and the customer, and serves as an alternative to DSL or cable. Wireless doesn’t suffer from the degradation of the wireline infrastructure, making it more reliable of a service than a traditional landline.

An alternative connection technology to traditional wireline service like T1 and DSL, Wimax offers the same reliability, CIR and QoS as wireline T1/DSL service, but avoids the local telephone company’s wires and limitations. Typically, you can get twice the bandwidth as a T1 for the same cost.

The key is how direct that access point is when it is accessed through the Wimax connection. Ideally, the access point should be connected into an interwoven backbone of multiple connections, providing multiple routes for bandwidth to flow so you can enjoy maximum power no matter how much of your business is on line at the same time

Wireless makes T1 and T3 connections more accessible than ever before. With Los Angeles Wimax, any business can reap the benefits of a T1 or T3 connection, enjoying their own line to the Internet.

Most DSL companies will promise you a certain amount of bandwidth, but then overburden their single route to the Internet with too many clients. This leads to virtual traffic jams as too many users clog the access routes, slowing Internet traffic to a crawl. A T1 or even larger T3 connection is like having your own lane, your own direct access to the Internet. This gives web accessibility at full speed, even during the intense “rush hours” of the business day.

Los Angeles Wimax makes T1 and T3 connections possible anywhere in Los Angeles, giving all businesses access to their own lane of the Internet. When your business has its own personal line of bandwidth, you never experience sluggish delays. You get high speed continuously, never having it compromised by outside Internet traffic. With a direct flow of the Internet, your company will be able to process more documents, communicate more effectively and get more done throughout the work day.

Wimax is also ideal for providing businesses an alternative Internet source in the event the main connection goes down. Many businesses are including alternative Wimax connections into their business continuity plan. If one connection is lost, a Wimax connection from another source will keep the business on-line. Digilink offers both wired and wireless services that can back each other up in the event of a problem on one of the paths.

Businesses are enjoying more power and accessibility thanks to Wimax technology. It enables any business to have its own direct line to the Internet. Get work done faster with a direct connection that delivers high performance continuously throughout the day. Time is money, and Internet that’s truly high speed will make the most of it.

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