Enter the Digital Telephony Revolution: Put your Phone System On-Line

A sip trunk connects a company’s PBX telephone system to the Internet using the Session Information Protocol VOIP standard. With a sip trunk, you enjoy all the benefits of a normal phone system on a digital system, but with optimal quality for a very reduced rate.

A Los Angeles sip trunk makes that connection easier, allowing the phone line to use the same Internet connection that’s used for normal data. Other benefits include being able to readily transmit caller ID and other caller related information easily. The digital technology of a Los Angeles sip trunk instills crystal clear clarity on all calls, even when the caller is on the other side of the world.

By switching to a VOIP system via a sip trunk, you streamline all your data, combining Internet, phone and data processing into one line. This allows you serious savings. Any call on-line is completely free, while calls to non-digital connections anywhere in the US are only 3 ½ cents a minute. You can also create a geographically wide PBX system, allowing offices to far away branches for free, even from vast geographical regions.

This system also allows any office calls to be diverted to a home phone or a cellular phone without the caller being aware of it. It even enables some companies to have no actual offices at all, simply doing business from home but all connected on the same phone line.

Why bother paying for one type of circuit for data, while having a completely different one for voice? Streamline the services and make your office more efficient. Not only will you have more technological options, you’ll save considerable money. You’ll be able to communicate anytime, from anywhere, as crystal clear as if you were in the same building, even on the other side of the world.

It’s simply not cost effective to have a traditional phone line anymore. Not only do the phone companies bleed you in expensive long distance fees, but they limit your access to technological advances that make business so much easier. There’s simply no need for it. Leave the phone companies in the dark ages; enter the digital revolution.

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