Los Angeles (LA) WiMAX

Many people ask about the differences between Wi-Fi (802.11) and WiMAX (802.16), and why WiMAX is a faster, more reliable way to access the internet. Though they can both be used to provide service over long distances WiMAX is distinctly better than Wi-Fi in that WiMAX protocols are designed for long distances (generally up to 10 miles) whereas Wi-Fi is designed for short range uses of approx. 100-200 feet. WiMAX protocols provide the ability to guarantee the Committed Information Rate (CIR) and also Quality of Service (QoS) for voice applications.

WiFi is a broadcast protocol and all participants must fight for access. This prevents WiFi from providing a stable bit rate or CIR and makes QoS for voice applications virtually impossible. Many wireless ISPs use WiFi technology as it is inherently cheaper than WiMAX equipment however, the service quality and reliability of WiFi based service suffers tremendously and is rarely satisfactory.

Installing WiMAX requires a relatively unobstructed sightline to the ISP’s WiMAX cell site in order to relay the signal. A small antenna is normally installed on the roof of the customer’s building and aimed directly at the ISP’s WiMAX cell. As one might imagine, this can be difficult in parts of L.A. where buildings interfere, but as far as cities go, Los Angeles (LA) is an ideal one for WiMAX because the city is, on the whole, very spread out and only semi dense with skyscrapers in the Financial District and Westwood. Because hardware costs and a higher cost for bandwidth present hurdles for residential users, WiMAX’s popularity has been more or less relegated to enterprise users however, residential service is growing as lower cost equipment becomes available. Users of Los Angeles (LA) WiMAX are usually very impressed by the service quality and performance which is easily comparable to what would be expected of a T1 or faster wire line service.

Bandwidth on WiMAX easily exceeds most wired solutions. What’s more, the reliability provided by WiMAX removes the possibilities of failure due to wire line and or central office issues.

WiMAX is revolutionizing the way businesses access internet – providing more bandwidth at lower cost than typical wire line service and is an excellent way for Los Angeles (LA) businesses to connect to the Internet.

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