High Speed Internet Los Angeles (LA)

When it comes to selecting a provider of high speed internet, Los Angeles (LA) businesses all too often follow the herd, and purchase service purely on the cheapest quote they receive and in so doing, do themselves a disservice by getting less performance and worse customer service and ultimately pay a higher price is lost productivity. When choosing a broadband provider, it is important for businesses to understand the importance of their Internet service needs especially from the standpoint that time is money.

All too often, businesses buy far less bandwidth than they need because their provider does not bother to learn about its intended use. The first way to avoid this is for users to understand their needs; the second is to deal with honest and customer-oriented providers of internet service that are willing to take the time to understand the business’ needs of their customers.

For very small businesses – those with fewer than 3 computers and 2 phone lines – DSL is not a bad choice. DSL has enough bandwidth to handle POS transactions, moderate web browsing, and even basic VOIP or fax while running at high speed. Small retail stores, restaurants, and other brick & mortar businesses are usually good candidates for DSL.

For mid-sized businesses looking for high speed internet Los Angeles (LA), T1 lines offer even greater bandwidth, with the added bonus of being ideal for VOIP, which can save businesses hundreds to thousands of dollars per month on phone service. T1 bandwidth can easily handle the requirements of most medium-sized office-based businesses, including SIP trunk-based VOIP, and is easily affordable for most businesses, usually around $500 per month.

For larger mid-sized businesses and large office-based businesses, a T3 line will add bandwidth and reliability to the already fast and reliable T1. Unless they connect to the internet backbone themselves, most office buildings utilize a T3 for both web and VOIP applications, and the bandwidth is even enough to host some smaller, low traffic websites (though this isn’t recommended).

Businesses that know their needs will get what they want from providers of high speed internet. But high speed solutions involve more than just matching up bandwidth with business size. To learn more about what your business may or may not need, contact a company dedicated to implementing high speed internet for Los Angeles (LA) businesses to get an honest opinion about you do or don’t need.

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