Los Angeles (LA) SIP Trunk

To lower their overhead, many Los Angeles (LA) businesses are turning to VOIP as an inexpensive way to place and receive phone calls. But when it comes to implementing VOIP, some methods are more cost effective than others. For many smaller- to mid-sized companies, sip trunks offer a low-cost way to implement and maintain VOIP, save on phone calls, and utilize unused bandwidth.

Many businesses will find that a Los Angeles (LA) SIP trunk makes the most sense as a way to add VOIP to their networks. For smaller or medium-sized businesses that do not make more than 10 or so calls at the same time and already have broadband internet like a T1 or T3 line in place, introducing a sip trunk will allow them to make the most of their bandwidth by utilizing it for voice data. Unlike the usual PRI circuits utilized for PBX systems implemented by the phone company, sip trunks are not bought in batches of 23 lines; rather, users pay an initial amount between $200-500 for the sip trunk itself, and a small monthly service fee. In return, they get the flexibility of scaling up or down the number of lines they need for business, along with very low calling rates. VOIP providers often provide free incoming calling, free local calling, and long distance calling for 3 to 5 cents per minute – literally a tiny fraction of what the phone company charges for PRI service.

Implementing a PBX system with PRIs can carry a far greater initial investment. PRIs are expensive, as are the terminal connections required to integrate them into the network. What’s more, fees assessed by the phone company are generally higher than what an ISP will charge for your sip trunk service. In addition, because sip trunks do not require special hardware, there is far less work involved in maintaining and administering the PBX.

For any smaller business in Los Angeles (LA), SIP trunk service provides a way to utilize unused bandwidth and save a bundle on outgoing calls. While phone companies still push PRIs and even analog circuits on small and mid-sized businesses, sip trunks represent an attractive alternative to companies in Los Angeles (LA) that are looking to get the most out of the internet they pay for and pay less for their phone service.

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