Los Angeles (LA) Collocation

Owners of Los Angeles (LA) web businesses know that downtime is the equivalent of throwing money away. That’s why in order to keep their sites running smoothly, many web businesses and informational websites alike choose to host their sites via Los Angeles (LA) collocation. From a good physical site provider, collocation can save businesses money and make sites more reliable.

As far as saving money goes, collocating servers can be more economical because it reduces the need to build infrastructure in-house to connect servers to the backbone – infrastructure that can run tens of thousands of dollars, even for small sites. What’s more, by collocating the server and having it monitored and administered on location, businesses can eliminate the need for an in-house IT person or server administrator, and split the cost of one with the other businesses that use the same Los Angeles (LA) collocation company. Finally, by eliminating the need for businesses to have the physical space to store their servers and components, collocating can save businesses money on physical space: rent.

Server collocation can also make sites more reliable than sites that are hosted in-house. Because of the significant economies of scale available to purchasers of bandwidth and routers, a good company will be able to provide users of your site with faster downloads, by virtue of the fact that your site is hosted fewer hops away from the internet backbone and because their large bandwidth with enable them to appropriately accommodate any surges in user traffic. In addition to the better hardware participants in collocation get to share, collocation centers can provide 24-hour server administration to make sure that there is never downtime (or an opportunity for sales to be missed). By having servers constantly monitored, any software or hardware issues on the participants’ end can be quickly rectified before they cost too much in lost traffic and business.

While collocation makes a good deal of sense for most web-based companies, not all collocation centers are the same, especially in the Los Angeles (LA) area. Choose a company that is closest to the internet backbone. The more “hops” the data transmitted from the site has to make to the browser, the slower the user’s download times, and the less user-friendly the site therefore becomes. Companies that are familiar with all types of hardware and software – ones that have the most experienced staff – will also be able to help optimize your server setup and make recommendations to make better use of the bandwidth you pay for.

Server collocation makes sense for any Los Angeles (LA) web businesses or informational sites that want to save money on hosting and improve site reliability. Picking a company with the best direct access to the internet and an experienced staff will make sure that participants in collocation receive what they pay for.

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