In Los Angeles, WiMax Offers More Reliable Service

When it comes to Los Angeles WiMax, many people wonder how it’s different from Wi-Fi. The answer is simple. WiMax goes the distance.

Granted, both can provide access across distances, but whereas Wi-Fi is designed to for distances of 100 to 200 feet, WiMax users can enjoy distances of up to 10 miles. WiMax protocol also offers a guaranteed Committed Information Rate, as well as Quality of Service for voice applications.

This means that you can get it pretty much anywhere in LA Los Angeles. WiMax is available to anyone who has a direct line of site within 10 miles of an Internet tower. That makes many older office buildings and smaller storefronts perfect candidates for WiMax technology, while they may otherwise be incompatible with traditional broadband services.

Plus, because there are no wires, you save yourself a lot of hassle due to the minimum infrastructure required. When you’re no longer dependent on miles of cables to provide you an Internet connection, there’s less that can go wrong. With WiMax technology, your access point is an antenna, which is much simpler to upkeep than miles upon miles of cables and wires. WiMax is simply more dependable because you don’t have to rely on a complicated system of infrastructure.

Plus, you enjoy a more direct connection, which means a continual supply of bandwidth, even during peak times. In fact, with a guaranteed symmetrical Internet bandwidth of 1.5 Mbps to 100 Mbps, you get a wireless broadband connection that exceeds the standard T1 wired services with a dependability you can rely on.

Typically, a small antenna is installed on the roof of a customer’s building that has a direct line of site to an ISP tower. This can be difficult depending on the outline of skyscrapers in your area, but Los Angeles is typically fairly spread out, with most of the obstructing skyscrapers in denser areas like Westwood and the Financial District.

Wireless technology gives you the service you’d expect from a T1 line, but with greater dependability because you are not relying on a complicated cable system. You enjoy continual high speed that’s consistent and reliable for a seamless Internet experience that glides gracefully through the web.

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