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Stay Consistently Online with a Los Angeles Colocation

If you’ve got a web business, any time it’s offline, money is being flushed right down the drain.
You can’t run a successful website if it’s not accessible. When your website’s out of commission, your business is out of commission. Each second down means more customers who can’t find you- customers that will potentially go right [...]

Los Angeles Business VoIP Extends Services yet Cuts Expenses

Business is tight. Expenses are up, markets are down, and it’s getting harder and harder to turn a profit and still meet your business commitments.
At the same time that costs are going up, the competitive nature of the global marketplace insists that you improve the quality of your services. It’s survival of the fittest. In [...]

Los Angeles (LA) VOIP

Since the build out of the internet backbone and national fiber optic network in the late 90’s early 2000’s, VOIP has quickly been adopted by savvy IT departments and small businesses alike as a key driver in overhead reduction. With the phone company’s network eliminated for most of the distance that voice data travels, Los [...]

Los Angeles (LA) Business VOIP

When it comes to Los Angeles (LA) business VOIP, the way businesses access the internet can make or break voice quality. In a word, while many ISPs market T1 and T3 lines that are supposed to be ideal for VOIP use, many of those are glorified DSLs, which do not have the qualities necessary to [...]

Los Angeles (LA) WiMAX

Many people ask about the differences between Wi-Fi (802.11) and WiMAX (802.16), and why WiMAX is a faster, more reliable way to access the internet. Though they can both be used to provide service over long distances WiMAX is distinctly better than Wi-Fi in that WiMAX protocols are designed for long distances (generally up to [...]

Wimax Technologies Revolutionize Internet Accessibility

Wimax can provide that “last mile” between the ISP and the customer, and serves as an alternative to DSL or cable. Wireless doesn’t suffer from the degradation of the wireline infrastructure, making it more reliable of a service than a traditional landline.
An alternative connection technology to traditional wireline service like T1 and DSL, Wimax offers [...]

Get Your Own Road With a T1 or T3 Broadband Connection

When you’re stuck in Los Angeles traffic in the middle of rush hour, you have to wonder, what good is having all this highway when you’re stalled to a crawl?
When it comes to wireless broadband, Los Angeles has all the options. But when it’s Internet highways get clogged with congestion, traffic slows to a standstill. [...]

Save your Business Money with ViOP Technology

Do you want more options and serious savings from your business phone? Voice Over Internet Protocol technology will put your phone calls over the Internet, giving it digital performance, lots of advanced features as well as all the capabilities of a regular phone. It operates like a regular phone, but accesses the lines through the [...]