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Lower Overhead on a VoIP Phone with a Los Angeles Sip Trunk

Unlike traditional PRI circuits utilized by many PBX systems, sip trunks don’t have to be bought in batches of up to 23 lines. Users simply pay $200 to $500 for the sip trunk as a monthly service fee and in return get unlimited lines - the utmost flexibility of adding lines or scaling back, as [...]

Los Angeles Hosted PBX Offers Sophistication Without Infrastructure

It’s okay to admit it. You’ve got more than enough to do. Running your own business involves juggling responsibilities like flaming torches- one wrong move, and you’re on fire.
Why not make it easier on yourself with a hosted PBX system? It’s really an ideal way to save money, since you’ll no longer be responsible for [...]

Widely Available, Los Angeles DSL Offers More Consistent Service

Although cable isn’t always an option for all business buildings, high speed Internet can still be viable through Los Angeles DSL.
Digital subscriber lines, also known as DSL, are one of the most affordable options for high speed browsing. It’s also an alternative that’s widely available. Many business buildings such as small company storefronts, especially some [...]

Los Angeles (LA) SIP Trunk

To lower their overhead, many Los Angeles (LA) businesses are turning to VOIP as an inexpensive way to place and receive phone calls. But when it comes to implementing VOIP, some methods are more cost effective than others. For many smaller- to mid-sized companies, sip trunks offer a low-cost way to implement and maintain VOIP, [...]

Los Angeles (LA) Hosted PBX

Over the last 15 years in Los Angeles (LA), hosted PBX systems have become more and more common as businesses begin to realize the benefits of not hosting their own telephone equipment. With expensive PRIs or analog circuits, private branch exchange equipment hosted in-house require investments and expertise in hardware, along with someone to administer [...]

Los Angeles (LA) Business VOIP

When it comes to Los Angeles (LA) business VOIP, the way businesses access the internet can make or break voice quality. In a word, while many ISPs market T1 and T3 lines that are supposed to be ideal for VOIP use, many of those are glorified DSLs, which do not have the qualities necessary to [...]

Life can be Simpler with a Los Angeles Hosted PBX

With a hosted PBX (private branch exchange), a company can set up its own inter-network of phones, sometimes even between office buildings that could be located on the opposite ends of the country. This enables the company to have a single phone number, even if the company is scattered across a wide geographical region. It’s [...]

Save your Business Money with ViOP Technology

Do you want more options and serious savings from your business phone? Voice Over Internet Protocol technology will put your phone calls over the Internet, giving it digital performance, lots of advanced features as well as all the capabilities of a regular phone. It operates like a regular phone, but accesses the lines through the [...]

Enter the Digital Telephony Revolution: Put your Phone System On-Line

A sip trunk connects a company’s PBX telephone system to the Internet using the Session Information Protocol VOIP standard. With a sip trunk, you enjoy all the benefits of a normal phone system on a digital system, but with optimal quality for a very reduced rate.
A Los Angeles sip trunk makes that connection easier, allowing [...]