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Lower Overhead on a VoIP Phone with a Los Angeles Sip Trunk

Unlike traditional PRI circuits utilized by many PBX systems, sip trunks don’t have to be bought in batches of up to 23 lines. Users simply pay $200 to $500 for the sip trunk as a monthly service fee and in return get unlimited lines - the utmost flexibility of adding lines or scaling back, as [...]

Widely Available, Los Angeles DSL Offers More Consistent Service

Although cable isn’t always an option for all business buildings, high speed Internet can still be viable through Los Angeles DSL.
Digital subscriber lines, also known as DSL, are one of the most affordable options for high speed browsing. It’s also an alternative that’s widely available. Many business buildings such as small company storefronts, especially some [...]

Los Angeles (LA) VOIP

Since the build out of the internet backbone and national fiber optic network in the late 90’s early 2000’s, VOIP has quickly been adopted by savvy IT departments and small businesses alike as a key driver in overhead reduction. With the phone company’s network eliminated for most of the distance that voice data travels, Los [...]

Wireless Broadband Los Angeles (LA)

For many businesses, implementing broadband effected huge increases in productivity by making doing business, sharing ideas, and doing research much faster. Though another technology as transformational for business as the internet has yet to come along, the modernization of internet access through WiMAX technology allows wireless broadband Los Angeles (LA) users to access a faster, [...]

High Speed Internet Los Angeles (LA)

When it comes to selecting a provider of high speed internet, Los Angeles (LA) businesses all too often follow the herd, and purchase service purely on the cheapest quote they receive and in so doing, do themselves a disservice by getting less performance and worse customer service and ultimately pay a higher price is lost [...]

Life can be Simpler with a Los Angeles Hosted PBX

With a hosted PBX (private branch exchange), a company can set up its own inter-network of phones, sometimes even between office buildings that could be located on the opposite ends of the country. This enables the company to have a single phone number, even if the company is scattered across a wide geographical region. It’s [...]

Enter the Digital Telephony Revolution: Put your Phone System On-Line

A sip trunk connects a company’s PBX telephone system to the Internet using the Session Information Protocol VOIP standard. With a sip trunk, you enjoy all the benefits of a normal phone system on a digital system, but with optimal quality for a very reduced rate.
A Los Angeles sip trunk makes that connection easier, allowing [...]