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Network Overview

Architecture + Support = Performance + Reliability

We provide the ultimate in performance and reliability via a fusion of technology and a team of dedicated personnel. The network is designed to provide high bandwidth, low latency, minimal hops, and redundancy. When you elect to tap into the 'Net via DigiLink, you can rest assured that all aspects of your connectivity have been precisely engineered to deliver the cleanest, fastest, and most stable connection available. And with our experienced and skilled network engineers monitoring and administrating our systems, you can count on being in very good hands.

Network Architecture

Internet Connectivity

Most ISPs maintain only one primary Internet connection, or "backbone provider." At DigiLink however, we have multiple diverse paths to the Internet. DigiLink has dedicated interconnections as well as maintaining a broad range of connections through public and private peering arrangements.

DigiLink has over 2Gbps of bandwidth with multiple direct fiber connections to our Internet carriers' core routers. We reserve plenty of our network resources so you have high performing, reliable connectivity. Each customer circuit is terminated directly on our core router, ensuring the minimum number of hops to the Internet. DigiLink is committed to providing the best Internet bandwidth to support the real-time multimedia applications that so many of today's businesses require.

Information Science Institute

The building in which we are located is home to the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute, one of the pioneers in the development of many of the technologies and protocols of the Internet. DigiLink maintains a high speed connection from our core network to ISI's "Los Nettos" network, among many others.

Core Network

Our core network is built around high-performance routers and switches from Cisco. The core runs across a fully-switched gigabit backbone. Connectivity from the core network to all of our carriers is via fiber.

Service Levels

We pride ourselves on maintaining high levels of reserve bandwidth. While other providers routinely over saturate their circuits, DigiLink maintains sufficient bandwidth and manages our network such that we retain ample amounts of our available bandwidth in reserve. This enables us to accommodate unexpected surges in bandwidth consumption by our customers, as well as to seamlessly route around upstream congestion on the Internet.