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Does your business have more than one office? Perhaps even in different cities? The same technologies that DigiLink uses to connect businesses to the Internet can also be used to internetwork your various locations. By using DigiLink's core network as the central hub for your various locations, your network can benefit from the many advantages of being in our Network Operations Center.

Advantages of building a DigiLink-centered WAN:

  • Performance: When you center your WAN at DigiLink, each node is terminated directly to our core network in our Marina del Rey facility. That means minimal hops and extremely low latency, which translates into performance. This is superior to solutions offered by "Tier One" providers who terminate each node of your WAN in different NOCs across their global backbone, introducing multiple hops and latency. And a WAN cobbled together with links from multiple providers can introduce latency at a level that renders the WAN nearly useless for certain types of communications.

  • Security: Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is protected by rigorous security measures to defend against physical as well as electronic intrusion.

  • Environmental Controls: DigiLink's NOC is carefully climate controlled to ensure continuous conditions of proper temperature and humidity.

  • Monitoring: When your network hub is at DigiLink, your WAN is under the watchful eye of our monitoring systems and support team, 24 hours a day.

  • Administration: DigiLink's renowned support team can perform required maintenance on any of your co-located equipment as well as the links to each of your network nodes, all from our facility.

  • Aggregated Internet Connectivity: Why pay for multiple Internet links for each of your locations, when you can share connectivity from DigiLink? Aggregation leads to greater efficiencies, both in terms of network performance and pricing.

  • Co-Located Enterprise Resources: Another possibility is to take advantage of DigiLink's co-location services as well; when your enterprise services are at DigiLink, each network node can get to those servers over a single hop, without consuming bandwidth from other nodes. And in this configuration, if one of your locations were to go offline for any reason (power failure, natural disaster, etc.), your customers, trading partners, and other locations could continue to access your enterprise resources.

  • Flexibility: If you decide to add, remove, or move a location, you can easily do so without interrupting service at your other locations. Since DigiLink's NOC remains online, so does your WAN.

  • Reduction in capital committments: When you base your network in our NOC, you don't have to invest in the equipment and personnel to bring the hub online and keep it online.

Request a quotation or contact us for more information. We would be very pleased to speak with to learn the specifics of your requirements, and to engineer a solution custom tailored to your needs.