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There are plenty of ISPs out there. What makes DigiLink so special?


It all starts with quality. We take pride in the craftsmanship with which we architect every new circuit and server implementation that we do for our customers. The same pride we have in the cleanest, most well assembled core network in Southern California. You will appreciate the low-latency across our network, and the minimal number of hops between your router and the data you need access to across the Internet.


A fast network doesn't do you any good if it's not up. DigiLink has a long history of consistent up-time with virtually no interruptions in service. And we're not afraid to put our money where our mouth is. We pioneered the concept of Service Level Guarantees; if you go offline, we will issue you a credit.


Should you encounter a technical issue or have a pressing question, to whom are you going to turn? At many ISPs placing a support call can be a nightmare: first you wait on hold endlessly, and then your quest begins with a junior level support person--or perhaps even an inexperienced new hire. Then you have to plead your case over and over again as you beg to be escalated to a more senior person who might be able to help you. And even if you get that far, the support team isn't familiar with you, your company, or your network.

Not the case at DigiLink! Your phone call to our support team is transferred directly to a senior network specialist who is familiar with your account and probably knows you by name. DigiLink prides itself on intimate customer service and no bureaucracy.


Our founder and president is a network engineer, and it shows. DigiLink has been 100% focused on IP based network solutions since our inception. We're not a phone company. We're not a cable company. We didn't get caught up in the ups and downs of the dot-com roller coaster. We haven't been merged into a huge conglomerate. We are intensely focused on doing one thing and doing it right: delivering the very best engineered business internetworking solutions supported by world class customer care.


We do more than Windows--much more! You will find that DigiLink is very comfortable supporting you no matter whether you prefer Mac OS, Linux, Unix or Windows.


How long have the other guys been around? DigiLink was founded in 1994 by a network engineer and has been exclusively focused on Internet solutions for businesses ever since. And when you need support from DigiLink, you won't be dealing with any wet-behind-the-ears newbie--our newest technical staff member has been here three years!


Perhaps a scarier question is, "how long will the other guys be around?" Whether it's a small ISP going out of business, or yet another bloated telecom company in the bankruptcy courts, trusting your network to these faltering companies is a risk you donХt need.

Conversely, through shrewd management, a commitment to quality, old-fashioned customer service and attention to detail, DigiLink has consistently prospered. DigiLink is proud to state that we have sustained profitable operations each and every quarter since we opened our doors in 1994. WeХre in it for the long haul.


At DigiLink, we don't believe that "one size fits all." We know that your business is unique, and has its own special set of requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to flexibly respond to those unique requirements, and adapt to changing requirements over time. In addition to our standard packaged solutions, we are pleased to offer custom solutions that meet the challenges unique to your business.


These days it's more important than ever to get good bang for the buck. DigiLink offers a wide range of services, with something to fit every budget. We can deliver a great solution for you today, within the constraints of your budget, yet architect for growth so that as your needs grow your investment is preserved.

For most businesses, people are the most valuable asset. When using our well-engineered network, your people are kept productive. Total cost of ownership is kept low by minimizing the huge expenses associated with downtime and lost productivity due to slow or inefficient networks. Our reliable networks and supportive staff help you get the most out of your I.T. resources.


DigiLink owes most of its growth to word-of-mouth recommendations. Our customers tend to be our biggest fans, and they frequently do their associates the favor ofsending them our way. And we certainly appreciate it! We look forward to welcoming you and your business to our family of customers.

The DigiLink Experience

We're proud of our network, from the servers to the routers, to the fiber and the switches. But we know what has set us apart the most is the people that make up the DigiLink team. We enjoy our jobs, and we enjoy working with our customers. We like to make sure our customers know how important they are to us, and we show them by the way that we treat them. We call this the DigiLink Experience. You just might think you're being spoiled!

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