DigiLink Business T1 Bandwith is 1.5 megabits per second, for both uploads and downloads (simultaneously, as our T1 service is full duplex).
We offer our standard T1 service with local loop included. We also offer T1 ports for the business that desires to arrange for their own data transport. VoIP (Voice over IP), M P L S (Multi Protocol Label Switching), Los Angeles Business VoIP, Hosted PBX, Trunk Replacement, Colocation, Firewall, VPN (Virtual Private Network), SpamBlocker/Anti Spam, Business Broadband ISP (Internet Service Provider), Los Angeles Business DSL, Los Angeles T1/DS1 Line, Los Angeles T3/DS3, Los Angeles Backup T1 Line, Bonded T1 Internet Connection, Business Wireless, Web Hosting, Domain Name Services.

DigiLink computes utilization as follows:

Utilization is calculated based on the 95th percentile rule. Bandwidth usage (the greater of either the data transfer in or out at any instant in time) is sampled every 5 minutes. The top 5% of the samples are discarded. The billing bandwidth becomes the next highest point after the first 5% of the month's samples are discarded