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Includes a free router for either service. Installation in 3-6 weeks! Subject to availability.

IPv6 - Are you ready?

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For the ultimate in connectivity DigiLink offers full IPv6 support on all wired circuits.

What is IPv6?

IPv6 is the Internet protocol Version 6 which designed to replace the IPv4 address pool that, as of July 2011 has been exhausted. IPv6 is the Internet Protocol that is increasingly being used on mobile devices to communicate over the Internet.

Why IPv6?

The current 32-bit IPv4 address system was introduced in 1981 by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Since then 4.3 billion unique IPv4 addresses have been assigned and the free pool has been depleted as of July 2011. IPv6 is the replacement protocol which uses 128-bit addresses and can support approximately 340 undecillion or 3.4×10^38 unique addresses.

Why do you need IPv6?

Currently the most rapid deployment in IPv6 is occuring in Asian countries who are experiencing rapid growth in Internet enabled devices and the complete exhausion of their IPv4 address space allotments. Even though you may have an IPv4 address today - you will eventually need to communicate with IPv6 devices and the only way to do that is if you have an IPv6 address. In time, you may notice that you are unable to connect to certain websites or may have trouble sending and receiving email to certain domains. This may be caused by the fact that new web and mail servers on the Internet do not have (and cannot get) an IPv4 address and can only be reached if you have an IPv6 address. Eventually, your mobile device will only have an IPv6 address - making it nearly impossible to access services within your company's network unless you also have IPv6 addresses at work.

DigiLink has a solution for you

DigiLink is now offering native IPv6 for your business needs. For additional information please contact us at (877) 801-8533.