Business T3 Packages Flat-Rate Pricing

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For the ultimate in connectivity we offer full DS3 connection.

For heavy users, our T3 flat rate service is the best option. The same cost will be incurred per month regardless of how much of the T3 pipe is utilized during the month. This is a great plan for those businesses who want continuous 24x7 maximum bandwidth at the lowest cost with no surprises.

T3 Variable-Rate Pricing

Our T3 variable rate pricing gives you the same high performance T3 connection, but is charged based on average monthly utilization. It is great for many businesses that don't have continuous high usage, or for those who have extremely high peak usage yet their average usage is low.

Many Internet subscribers find that they don't fully utilize a T3, but lower speed connections just aren't fast enough to meet peak-hour demands. Our Variable Rate T3 is a unique service, which takes advantage of off-peak lulls in traffic. By averaging your monthly bandwidth utilization, DigiLink charges you less, while still delivering the enormous bandwidth of the T3.

This pricing plan should not be confused with a "fractional" T3 service offering, where you are limited to a certain level of bandwidth within the T3. We allow you to use the full T3, yet only charge for your monthly average usage. We include an average of 2 megabits per second within the price and simply charge per additional megabit for any excess average bandwidth use during any month.

Your telco charges will remain the same regardless of plan as this is a full T3 connection. However, with the Variable Rate T3 Service plan, your DigiLink monthly charges will vary based on your utilization for that month. This service is designed to assure superb network performance, without sacrificing your budget.

On-site T3 installation is provided at no-charge for hardware purchased from DigiLink.

With pricing starting at $1,995 per month for the T3 variable plan (with 2 megabit per second average bandwidth usage included) we have brought the world of the T3 closer to your business!

Included with T3 Service

T3 Connectivity

  • Telco local loop included in prices above (but your bill for the local loop portion will come directly from your local telco)
  • Up to 255 static IP addresses included

Web/FTP Services

  • 50 megabytes of space for web or FTP usage.
  • 2 gigabytes per month of transfer included
  • 1 DNS entry to Vhost (we will host DNS services for a single domain for you on our DNS servers)
  • CGI-BIN access for scripts on your web site (subject to DigiLink checking of scripts)
  • Web site statistics made available to you via a private web interface
  • Frontpage 2000 extensions availability for your web site
  • Windows networking access to your web/FTP directory (via Samba)

Mail Services

  • Up to 5 POP3/IMAP mail boxes (10 megabyte inbox limit per mailbox)
  • Mail boxes also accessible via web interface


  • Proactive circuit monitoring
  • 24 x 7 technical support