What's so great about conferencing?>

Conferencing provides a company with complete control over its conferencing experience. Whether it's an "on-demand" meeting with a few sales representatives or a carefully planned conference with a thousand investors. Conferencing makes it easy to schedule, modify, or cancel audio meetings using the browser-accessible User Web Portal feature. No operator is required to manage the call.

When coupled with DigiDial-IP, Conferencing enables all company offices and telecommuters to experience communications in a single, integrated environment.

Customer Benefits

  • Eliminate need for new costly operator administration
  • Reduce cost of conference call expenses
  • Integrate with existing investments, extending their life and value

Service Features

  • Lecture mode
  • Individual volume controls
  • Call Detail Record (CDR) generated for each leg of call
  • Obtain headcount/view attendee list
  • Assign presenter/lecturer
  • Resource allocation/partitioning for reseller support
  • 48 active, and up to 200 listen-only, participants per call
  • Dial out to invite/add participants
  • Ask questions/view raised hands
  • Lock conference
  • Mute/drop a participant
  • Whisper mode (private sidebar) conversation
  • Set recurring conferences and reminder notices
  • View/modify reservations
  • Generic or individual pass codes

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