Create a "national" campus

  • Remove physical limitations
  • Connect remote employees to their office seamlessly without extra costs
  • Migrate easily
  • Execute moves, adds, and changes (M/A/C) simply (through Web-based tools)
  • Implement 4- and 5-digit dialing plans

Simplify User Experience

  • Shared company directory
  • Prioritized call handling
  • User-friendly conferencing service
  • One unified voice mailbox
  • Instant tie-in to remote workers and branches
  • A User Web Portal for all feature management and personal preferences

Save OpEx and CapEx

  • Free "on-net" calling - eliminates long-distance calling between offices
  • Reduced support costs - instant moves, adds, and changes with a click of a mouse
  • Built-in disaster recovery
  • Bundled packaging and pricing
  • Minimized service calls
  • Minimized system upgrade costs
  • Minimized upgrade costs for new features
  • No full-time employee needed to manage phone system

Transform your current, costly phone system into a cost-effective Internet-hosted tool for all your employees with DigiDial-IP, an instantly scalable voice solution.

Learn about the substanitally lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) with DigiDial-IP versus a convential PBX.

Send us a Quote Request or contact us. We'd be very happy to discuss with you how VoIP could work for your business, increase efficiency, and save you money.