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What makes our DSL service better? Across the board, our service is engineered for industrial strength business use. Take a look, and compare!

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Bridging Routing
A bridge or modem (used by many consumer-oriented DSL providers) will transmit to the Internet every piece of network traffic from your LAN that it encounters. The transmission of this unnecessary data reduces the efficiency of your link, leaving less bandwidth available to you for the data that you really do need to move.
Furthermore, the transmission of unintended data by bridged solutions represents an increased security risk.
A router is an intelligent device that transmits across the link only the data that needs to go across the link--not every data packet that it sees. DigiLink embraces solutions that are properly engineered. And that means routing, not bridging. Instead of a cheap DSL modem or bridge, our DSL solutions include the installation of a router at the customer premises.
Network Management
Over subscribed networks Properly managed subscriber loads
Many other providers "over subscribe" their services. They sell more capacity than they have available, banking on the hope that their customers will not consume all of the bandwidth that they pay for. This results in less than full performance when you need it. DigiLink believes you should get what you pay for. We carefully manage our network clouds to ensure that we have plenty of network capacity for each and every customer. We maintain a healthy overhead (extra network capacity) above and beyond the observed utilization on our link to each cloud, as well as on each of our links to the Internet itself.
IP Addressing
Dynamic IP and PPPoE Multiple Static IP Addresses
Many ISPs force their customers to use dynamic IP addressing, whereby the ISP's network essentially "hangs up" on customers when no network traffic is detected for a period of time. Then, when traffic needs to pass to the Internet, the connection is reestablished, and a new (and different) IP address is assigned out of a pool of addresses for that session.

With this approach, because the IP address of your router is always changing certain things (like hosting a server on your own LAN) are not possible.

The situation is even worse for customers who are forced to use PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) whereby software on the customer's computer (or modem/bridge) emulates a dial-up session, passing a user ID and password to the ISP's network each time a session is initiated. This software kludge is cumbersome, adds latency to the connection when the session has been inactive, and is prone to failures. PPPoE is simply a headache you don't need!

This process is a further attempt by some ISPs to squeeze more and more customers onto their overloaded network infrastructures.
DigiLink offers a block of multiple static (non-changing) IP addresses with our Business Class DSL packages. We offer a single static IP with our Pro DSL packages.

Not only is this approach far simpler to maintain, but it enables the customer to make available services (for example hosted services) that are only available to others when the server has a static IP address.

For customers who need to connect to services through firewalls, static IP space is essential. Many network administrators will only grant access to known, fixed IP addresses.
No Guarantees Service Level Guarantees
Many ISPs don't offer Service Level Guarantees. If their network goes down, you don't have any recourse; you just have to live with it. DigiLink does offer guarantees! We are so confident in our network and our team, that we can proudly offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee on our core network.
Residential class support Business class support
Should you require support, do you really want to place a call to a gargantuan call center in some far off place, staffed by inexperienced call center operators? Do you want to wait on hold behind teenagers who can't get their instant messenger to work? Unfortunately, that's just what you're likely to experience if you are a customer of one of the struggling giants. Or would you prefer to speak to DigiLink, where we feature a highly skilled and experienced staff of support engineers who are familiar with our business customers and their networks?